When you try to act cool…

When you try to act cool…

Fill so your followers can get to know you

State your name: Robina.
State the name that your parents almost named you: Jannatul, I think. I would’ve loved that cos there was a time when I nearly changed my name cos I just had enough
Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? My mum
Did anything embarrassing happen this week? Erm, probably; something’s always happening at work - I trip when leaving my desk cos random people leave random crap under it, patients see me shoving food in my mouth, I mess up when on the phone.
Do people praise you for your looks? Sometimes, yeah, I guess so. But the compliments aren’t frequent, kinda like the one off. 
What is your favorite color of clothing to wear? Black yo! But in Indian wear, it had always been blue, now I’m expanding and my wardrobe has gone from looking like the sea and sky to an exploding rainbow. =)
Do you work out every week? Dammit. There was a time when I worked out everyday. Need to get back into it tbh; 2 months till the wedding. 0.o
Do you like your smile? I was just talking to my mum about this the other day. She and my elder sister, the way they naturally smile is with their teeth showing, but they both feel uncomfortable about that and always smile with their lips together, which makes them look even more uncomfortable!
I, however, naturally smile with my lips together, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be able to smile with my teeth showing. When I would try as a child, I would look like I was in pain! =’D But after years of practicing in the mirror, I can finally do it. Masha’Allah I have nice teeth though! =P
Diverted from the question, sorry! The answer’s yes, btw. =)
Do you like your eyes? Oh goodness! I was about to start another story but I’ve already written an essay so yes! =)
Do you think you are pretty?  In my head, I’m beautiful =)
How much money is in your account? Last I checked, just under £70; can payday come already?
Are you single? Um, no. I actually have a better half; we kinda got separated, so our souls are just searching for each other.
Do you want kids? Yeah.
What does your backpack/handbag looks like: Grey, square and fake leather.
What celebrity do you think is attractive? How dare you. Can I just say who I DON’T think is attractive?
Last movie you saw in theaters: Chennai Express LOL! I’m not really a movie goer.


I was obviously tagged by ma baby gurl hasraton ;)

1.You can erase one mistake from your life. What would it be and why?
Erm, I think everything, mistakes and all, make us who we are today and Alhumdulillah I’m happy today.
But perhaps, looking back, I should’ve let everyone know that I DON’T want to be a doctor a bit sooner.

2. What’s your favourite word?
Wow. I’ve mentioned again and again how important words are to me; I think I also listed some of my favourites in a previous meme. But 5, very random favourite words, are ishq, alfaaz, adorn, mischievous and lakeerain =)

3. Do you consider yourself sensitive?
In a word, yes. But that, for me, is not a synonym for weakness but a source of strength.

4. What’s your favourite animal?
Tigers; they’re beautiful, yaar!

5. Do you like ice cream, if yes what flavour?
All flavours man! Maybe the chocolatey/minty/caramely/toffee-y ones a tad more! =D

6. Would you rather be successful and alone but get to travel your whole life but be married and in love but struggling?
I do want to travel a lot but it’s not that ultimate dream of mine, like it is for some of people.
And if anything, I’ve seen all the couples in my family travel more after marriage, so this is a very …
meh question for me.
And as for the struggling part, I’d chose love over money in a heartbeat.

7. Do you like Canada?
Never been there, but from what I’ve heard about their legal rules and regulations, it seems pretty cool =)

8. Are you more of a mommas kid or a poppas fav?
Erm, I think I might be my dad’s favourite. But my mum’s also one of my closest friends, so…

9. Do you like vegetables?
LOL! Some people think I’m vegetarian!

10. Which ones more nasty burps or farts?

11. Cutest person you know personality wise or physically?
So, I LOVE KIDS! There are so many cute kids in my family and by working in a Maternity hospital, I see cute babies all the time.
HOWEVER, I don’t know how, but my cousin Abee, is THE cutest baby in the world!
Anyone who has me on instagram/WhatsApp/snapchat/etc can second that!
She’s my jaan! <3

I think most have done this or been tagged, so I’ll just tag bejaan and kaalikajol =)


Aditya Roy Kapur


Aditya Roy Kapur


sonakshisinhas' Maharaja Sir & Maharani Madam


sonakshisinhas: #and then the one where she wakes up as he comes home #and that’s a story of its own
He came home after a stressful day at work and she, having noticed this, decided to try and lighten his mood.
But he became more agitated and had a…

sonakshisinhas: #and then the one where she wakes up as he comes home #and that’s a story of its own
He came home after a stressful day at work and she, having noticed this, decided to try and lighten his mood.
But he became more agitated and had a massive go at her, before storming out of the house and slamming the door behind him.
He hadn’t even given her a chance to speak and she just stood there, completely still; partly because she was shocked and hurt by his words and partly because she could feel the fury spread across her body and didn’t want to make things worse, so remained silent and let him go.
She just sat on her bed all evening before falling asleep around 2.

He, on the other hand, after driving around aimlessly for hours and parking his car in the middle of nowhere, realised what a big shit bag he is.
She was only trying to make him feel better and anyway, he was pissed off at his employees, not her.
Plus, the poor girl hasn’t been feeling too well lately.
He should get her something, but no decent shops would be open at this time. No problem, he’ll get it in the morning.
Right now, he’ll go home and apologise and serve her dinner/breakfast in bed. No doubt she was waiting to have dinner with him, so she probably hasn’t eaten anything since lunch.

The image of her slightly teary eyed just before he left, pained him on the way home.

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They set the screen on fire without actually being in the same frame! =’D
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sonakshisinhas' Maharaja Sir & Maharani Madam

When Sid became her trainer


To the anon who prompted this:

'Will you help me?'
'Uh…ya, of course!' he said concerned about her insecure behavior. Then they went off to the gym.


Tell me, am I not the greates writer with the hugest imaginition ever? THAT’S F****** ALL I HAVE!!!

I need more time, but that also means ishqkisaazishain's fic about IIFA will delay, if not otherwise announced :( Sowwy…but maybe u guys have ideas how he became her trainer.  

Anonymous said:
When's ur birthday and plz stop photos hoping you're skillzzz are beyond amazingggggg

I think there’s a typo here

But thank youuuuuuuu! =,D
Lubs juu! <3

My birthday’s 6th November ^_^

Anonymous said:
Prompt: something along the lines of how sid became pari's fitness trainer.


Meanwhile on the set of Main Tera Hero