Favourite Bollywood Songs
↳14/∞ - Small Town Girl - Bachna Ae Haseeno

How even…? I don’t get them!


How even…? I don’t get them!

Anonymous said:
You know that most recent gif of Sid on your blog? What interview is it from? :)

It’s from his promo for Gippi!
Here =)


Parineeti Chopra responds to a male reporter who claims to know nothing about periods (menstrual cycle). [X]

its cause everyone shuts the conversation down when it comes to women and their menstrual cycle or something else that is about women is a non talkable thing.


bollywood quotes
´fear doesn´t shut you down, 
it wakes you up´
chalti phirti accident thi woh...!

Make me fit - Prompt: How Sid became her trainer


So, ishqkisaazishain and me swapt prompts, thinking I could do this one better and  the one I got was better rest in her hands. GOD, were we wrong! We both struggled a lot (also because we were both sure they lied about this,before we rememebered Pari said he is the most demotivational trainer…thank her for that)

So, here is my theory about how Sid became Pari’s  trainer.

I’m soooo sorry!

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Sir, woh ink, woh pen..pata nahi..aapka naseeb kyun aisa hota hai! Shayad..shayad aapki naseeb hi phooti hui..


sonakshisinhas' Maharaja Sir & Maharani Madam
Anonymous said:
Who do you think is the most beautiful bloggers here?

are you asking me this for real?
this is a question no one should ask anyone, I’ll tell you why:
everyone is beautiful and unique in there own way, simple
there is no ”most beautiful blogger”, no!
I won’t answer this question simply cause everyone I follow is beautiful from the inside and outside, you just can’t call someone more beautiful than the other person, this is unfair! I’ve met soo many wonderful and lovely people, so I’ve seen everyone’s beauty, no not only from the appearance, but their inner beauty, their character, their writing style, their thoughts and feelings, everything you find out when you get ot know that person. Everyone has got their abilities, talents and flaws, that’s totally human, but that doesn’t make someone beautiful, what makes them beautiful is their love for something, their passion for something.
I hope I made it somehow clear and I hope it made sense,
so here you go this was my answer!

crying over your tags u qt <33


Bollywood Photoshoots
Sonakshi Sinha & Varun Dhawan for Stardust Magazine 01/13