❝ You were home
before you even knew me.

I saw you and knew
that everything I held
close to me would fit
perfectly into your corners. ❞

Me: Mum, you and Fawad have the same birthday! =D
Mum: Who’s Fawad?
Me: -___- the Pakistani actor?
Mum: The one who did Total Siyappa, right?
Me: That’s Ali Zafar! For goodness sakes mum, if I’m gonna talk about him a lot and drool over how good looking he is, then you need to know who I’m talking about. For the last time; Fawad Khan, Pakistani actor, is doing Khoobsurat, with Sonam Kapoor.
 Abhi toh party shuru hui hai?
Mum: OH! YES! Now I know!

hasraton I have a spare room! ;)


Aditya Roy Kapur for EXHIBIT

           ↳The Next Big Thing Which has already Happened.


Bollywood Photoshoots
Sonakshi Sinha & Aditya Roy Kapur for Stardust Magazine 05/14


thanks for ishqkisaazishain 
destroying me from inside with these pictures

Anonymous said:
Accidentaly knocked on the wrong dorm- pairing whoelse but sidneeti;)


here! (i couldn’t imagine pari/sid at uni, though - so this is dimple (ladies v/s ricky bahl) x guru (ek villain) - [with mentions of seenu (vaun from mth)]

lemme know what you think of it! :) and thank you for the prompt! x

Dimple Chadda doesn’t get angry often.

That, in itself, is the biggest lie ever, but she finds herself almost indifferent to it as she marches to Seenu Prasand’s dorm block.

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Anonymous said:
Hello!! Drowning in feels here.. You have to continue with this pic n fic thing.. Simply love it <3

Thanks, munchkin =) x


Don’t trust brown/black boys who like white girls. And no I don’t mean I’m against interracial relationships. I mean the type who put white girls up on pedestals, who treat them like a challenge, who glorify their beauty, their colored eyes, their light hair, all that while simultaneously dehumanizing and objectifying them. The ones who target white girls, who use them as status symbols. Don’t trust these boys. They’ve been poisoned.

After a busy day of shooting for their respective films, they’ed both finally manage to meet up at one of Varun’s impromptu, crazy parties.How have his parents not kicked him out yet, thought Sid as he entered Varun’s house. It didn’t take him long to find the younger one; he was amidst a crowd of girls. Varun weaned his way through the ladies and greeted Sid with that weird handshake-cum-shoulder bump thing all guys do. “Your parents are gonna kill you when they come back” Sid commented and glanced back at the entrance for the 8th time since he’d arrived. "Don’t worry" Varun assured, "I’ll have everything cleaned up before they come home" realising that his friend’s mind is else where, he continued "she said she’d be a bit late" This caught Sid’s full attention.  "When I texted her, she said she’ll try coming as soon as possible but they’re shooting a dance number or something" he explained."Oh, yeah; they’ve been shooting that for the last 3 days" Sid remembered out loud.Within a split second, Varun stepped past Sid and hugged Pari with a “Welcome Miss Ambala Express, hum bas aapki intezaar karr rahe teh”"So sorry I’m late, guys" she apologised and looked at Sid.Taking this as his cue to leave, Varun asked them to enjoy themselves and went to mingle with his other guests. They were used to Varun and his antics, but still, they’d always feel slightly embarrassed by them. But that only lasted a moment and Sid had already enveloped her in a hug. After he finally decided to pull away, she tugged her jumper; “I look okay, na?”"You look perfect" She flashed him a grin before scanning the room, one hand on her hip, the other hand in his.Far too loud, far too stuffy and far too many (unfamiliar) drunk people.They both looked at each other and as if to have the same thought, he led her out of the house, on to the front porch."Man, it’s hot in there!" she stated, taking in a deep breath of fresh air. He placed a hand round her waist and they strolled towards the garden."So, how was the shoot?""Oh ya!" she said excitedly and entered the password on her phone "let me show you my outfit"
Walking back to the house, they bumped into Varun.“Where did you guys go?!” he smirked at them, talking louder than he needed to; not quite sure if that was intentional or if it’s the alcohol speaking.“Nowhere, man. Just wanted to talk to Pari quickly” chuckled Sid, well aware of where this was going.“Oh, yeeeeeah! I know exactly what kind of “talking” you guys were doing!” he guffawed at his own joke and sang “ho saari night besharmi ki height” as the couple made their way back inside.

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❝ I throw my passport in the sea,
And name you my country.
I throw all my dictionaries in the fire,
And name you my language. ❞

— Nizar Qabbani  (via dubainian)

What the actual hell is that random scream throughout Lovely & Kamlee?!


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